Hello everyone! I created this page as a place for my friends and I to chat on in vp. Please keep confo in good taste if you are here chatting. Sit back relax and enjoy some coffee or whatever you like! -sweet_rachel

Links to my other pages!!

RoseD16's Friends Avatars!
A whole page with Friends Avatars! Rachel,Chandler, Joey, Paired and Group Av's!
RoseD16's Milk Av's
A whole page with av's from those "Got Milk?" ad's.
Titanic Links Page
A page with links to different Titanic pages.
RoseD16's Titanic Picture Gallery
A gallery of pictures from the movie Titanic!
Cami's Portland Winter Hawks Page!
A whole page devoted to my favorite sports team!!!
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Central Perk - where F.R.I.E.N.D.S meet
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have chatted here times.