Scappoose High School FBLA 1999-2000
 We are proud to have a 54 student membership this year!  Here is a list of the members and what position they hold, activity they participate in and what grade they are in this year.
Name: Year: Office: Activities:
Katy Shinn Senior President Community Service Team: Co-Chair, Marketing
Kristen Dorshler Senior Vice President Parli-Pro Team,  Scrapbook
Desiree Dewey Junior Secretary American Enterprise Project: Co-Chair, Business Communications, Public Speaking
Sarah Braim Junior Treasurer American Enterprise: Co-Chair, Business Communications
Aisha Poole Junior Reporter Newsletter, Parli-Pro Team, Public Speaking
Cami Nickelson Senior Historian Web site, Student Store Manager, Computer Concepts, Technology Concepts
Mike 'PIP' Austin Junior Parliamentarian Parli-Pro Team
Dayna Abercrombie Junior
Business Plan Project, Economics, Business Law
Marcella Baldwin Sophomore
Krysta Biggs Junior  ------------------------ ------------------------
Mikka Bradley Senior  ------------------------ Electronic Calculator
Lonna Brady Junior Impromptu Speaking
Ryan Broberg Senior Electronic Calculator
Erin Bules Junior Community Service : Co-Chair, Marketing
Jaici Collie Junior
Jennifer D'Agrosa Sophomore FBLA Creed, Intro to Impromptu
Sara DeWolfe Sophomore
Melissa Dudley Junior
Lacey Ehrenkranz Junior Community Service: Co-Chair, Impromptu Speaking
Kim Engh Junior
Luke Fitzgerald Sophomore
Kevin Frimuth Sophomore Business Plan Project, Entrepreneurship Team
Tim Funk Junior Desktop Publishing Team, Entrepreneurship Team
Aaron Hasenkamp Junior
Michael Haugen Sophomore FBLA Creed, Intro to Business
Mike Hickman Junior Business Law, Keyboarding Applications
Kristina Howe Junior Business Law, Keyboarding Applications
Heather Gatter Sophomore
Christina Judd Senior
Hiromi Kawaharazuka Senior Business Calculations, Keyboarding Applications
Joey Klobes Freshman Business Math
Amanda Koenehke Sophomore
Rob Leland Senior Computer Concepts, Machine Transcription
Sam Lofland Senior Parli-Pro Team, Public Speaking
Jessee Lovaas Senior Business Calculations, Electronic Calculator
Trina Mann Junior Partnership w/ Business: Co-Chair,
David Murray Junior Business Calculations, Entrepreneurship Team
Joey Oliver Senior
Staci Palin Senior Job Interview
Joe Pfau Sophomore Business Math
Joey Poole Freshman Business Math, Intro to Impromptu Speaking
Joy Robison Junior Partnership w/ Business: Co-Chair, Marketing
Melissa Sallee Sophomore
Kassi Sande Junior Job Interview
Raeann Spaulding Senior Public Speaking
Jared Sprando Junior
Kyle Teeter Junior Business Calculations, Business Law
Kristen Thompson Junior American Enterprise Project: Co-Chair
Kevin To