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Cool Titanic Links! Plus a few Leo pages :-)

The Offical Titanic Movie Page
Titanic Script
Gesture's of Titanic for Virtual Places
page 1
Avatar's of Titanic for Virtual Places
Titanic Love Song
Leonardo Page
The Official Leonardo DiCaprio Web Page
Man in the Iron Mask
Leonardo Bio and Other Celbs Bios
My Titanic Gallery page
Tons of Pics
A great website with a lot of great stuff about Titanic
RoseofTitanic's Titanic page
Lot's of pic's and ton's of links to more pages
Titanic Images
A VERY large collection of Titanic pictures
Devoted to DiCaprio ONLINE
Lot's of cool stuff on Leo
A page with Titanic info from the movie and from the real Titanic
Milk Mustache-d Leonardo DiCaprio
A Parody Got Milk Ad of Leo
*~Titanic Avatars~*
Avatars for VP
Gestures of Titanic for VP
page 2
Kate Winslet-Heart of the Ocean
One of the best Kate Winslet pages I have seen!
A great page with great pics!

My Pages!!!

My Titanic Gallery page
Tons of Pics
Cami's Portland Winter Hawk's Site
My page devoted to the Portland Winter Hawks
RoseD16's Avatars
My main page of avatars for VP
RoseD16's Friends Avatars
My Friends avatars page for VP
RoseD16's Milk Av's
My got milk avatars for VP
Central Perk...Chat Room
A chat room I made for VP
Leonardo Dicaprio
My Page about Leonardo....I really don't have much on here, but I do have an address to write him at!

Some Other Cool Pages!!!

Lookie! Lance is MINE! HA HA! But I'll share.
Get him at Luv-4-Lance
Mission: AweStar
Links to GREAT Music Star Pages and MORE!!!!
Austin Powers Stuff!!!
Everything Kate

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Hi! It's a few months now since I put this page up. As you can tell I have made quite of few pages now. If you would like your web page in my list of links just e-mail me your page address and I will put it up as soon as possible. Come back soon!


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