1998 FBLA State Leadership Conference
Scappoose FBLA Chapter
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  Oregon FBLA, Scappoose FBLA Chapter, Chris Arnesen, Kevin Tomanka, Cami Nickelson, Desiree Dewey, Curt Willener, Katy Shin, Joy Robinson, Trina Mann, Kasi Sande, Lacy Erenkrantz, 1998 FBLA Oregon State Leadership Conference, Lloyd Center, Portland Oregon, 1999
Chris Arnesen hanging out at Lloyd Center after
the closing ceremonies at last years conference.   
  This is me after the conference also. I was laughing about the
guys on the other side of the pillar. You had to be there.
Desiree Dewey haven' some fun before we go back home.
She was crazy the whole time!

 President Curt Willener having fun with the girls after we got back from Portland. Can you tell    that Curt is a ladies man? Joy was doing her Beavis and Butthead impression while Katy was getting touchy feely with Curt. Kasi was just being Kasi.
In the second picture you can see that they did try to be civilized but Katy just couldn't help getting close to Curt. Trina was trying to be proper, but Kasi couldn't find Trina's shoulder <lol>.
(L To R: Joy Robinson, Katy Shin, Curt Willener, Trina Mann, Lacy Erenkrantz, and Kasi Sande)
The Guys after we ate lunch.
(L To R: Tim Funk, Kevin Tomanka, and Chris Arnesen)

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