Name: Event One Placement: Event Two Placement:
Dayna Abercrombie Economics: Business Law:
Michael Austin Parli Pro (Team): First *
Mikka Bradley Electronic Calculator: Second *
Sarah Braim Business Communications: *
Ryan Broberg Electronic Calculator: First *
Erin Bules Marketing: *
Jennifer D'Agrosa FBLA Creed: Intro to Impromptu: Fifth
Desiree Dewey Public Speaking: Fifth Business Communications:
Kristen Dorschler Parli Pro (Team): First Parli Pro (Individual): Second
Lacey Ehrenkranz Impromptu Speaking: *
Kevin Freimuth Entrepreneurship (Team): Third *
Tim Funk Entrepreneurship (Team): Third Desktop Publishing (Team):
Mike Haugen FBLA Creed: Fourth Intro to Business: First
Mike Hickman Word Processing I: Business Law:
Kristina Howe Word Processing I: Business Law:
Hiromi Kawaharazuka Word Processing I: Fourth Business Calculations:
Joey Klobes Word Processing I: Business Math:
Rob Leland Computer Concepts: Machine Transcription: Second
Sam Lofland Public Speaking: Fourth Parli Pro (Team): First
Parli Pro (Indiv): First
Jessee Lovaas Business Calculations: Electronic Calculator: Third
Trina Mann Marketing: *
David Murray Entrepreneurship: Third Business Calculations:
Cami Nickelson Computer Concepts: Technology Concepts:
Staci Palin Job Interview: *
Joe Pfau Business Math: Second *
Aisha Poole Parli Pro (Team): First Parli Pro (Indiv): Fourth
Joey Poole Intro To Impromptu: Business Math: Fifth
Joy Robison Marketing: *
Kassi Sande Job Interview: