After months of preparation, our school’s FBLA chapter finally found out just how great they are. On April 9th and 10th Scappoose FBLA received many awards, most were for first place. Mrs. Hill and the whole chapter were surprised to find out that she won Oregon State FBLA Advisor of the Year. The club also took home the Oregon State FBLA Chapter of the Year Award! Each school division (4A, 3A, 2A, 1A) competes against other schools in their division. Our chapter was in the race with all 3A schools. Scappoose made it to the finals along with 4 other schools. All the club members had a hunch that they would receive the award for the fourth straight year! When they found out, just about every member there jumped on a chair and started chanting Scappoose, Scappoose!
Besides the championship, there were many other awards won by Scappoose.
 The Partnership with Business team earned first place for their partnership with Fred Meyer. During the year, they took FBLA members and students to take tours of our local store, the distribution center in Clackamas, and had special guest speakers talk to students about job opportunities in the Fred Meyer Corporation. A big contribution to the project was Teri Weinberg (Manager of Scappoose Fred Meyer). She was awarded FBLA Business Person of the Year.
The students involved in this were Brittany Archuleta, Nick Maggi and Desiree Dewey.
Another project that received first place was the American Enterprise project. There were many students involved with this project that was planned for Grant Watts students to learn about financial awareness. The presenters were Dayna Abercrombie, Ian Hagen and Joy Robison.
 The Community Service Project also took first place. Students that are involved with this project are Katy Shinn, Ryan Broberg, Erin Bules, and Lacey Ehrenkranz. They coordinated the project and set-up the dates in which they went over to the Scappoose Senior Center.
 Every month club members go over to the Senior Center and give gifts to the seniors whose birthdays were that month. Also special guests joined in to entertain, those guests included: The high school Treble Makers, Chamber Choir, Cheerleaders, and Dance team.
Curt Willener (president of FBLA) won many awards during his stay at state. They included:
· First place local annual business report.
· First place job interview.
· Induction to the Oregon FBLA Speaker’s Bureau.
· Nominated for Who’s Who in FBLA.
 Also receiving awards with their projects were:
· Fifth place: Project HELP(March of Dimes fundraising) presented by Kristen Dorschler.
· Fifth Place: Business Plan Project by Kevin Freimuth.
· Fourth Place: Chapter Scrapbook by Kristen Dorschler.

 On the last day of the conference everyone who took tests or had speaking tests the past two days found out what place they received. These people received 5th place or higher, the 1st place winners will go to nationals in Chicago this summer. The results were as follows:
· First Place: Job Interview Curt Willener.
· Fourth Place: Parliamentary Procedures Team Michael Pierce, Dan Cleveland, Kristen Dorschler, Lauren Worley, and Michael Austin.
· Fourth Place: Information Processing Concepts Chris Arnesen.

 FBLA is now preparing for Nationals in Chicago this summer. Good Luck to everyone competing to be the best in the Nation!

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