FBLA: Chapter of the Year
By: Cami Nickelson
Originally appeared in The Chieftain Volume 35, Issue 2

 On Friday February 5th, our FBLA chapter went to the District 1 Skills Conference at Neah-Kah-Nie High School, Rockaway Beach. Since they worked so hard, this year they were awarded Chapter of the Year! Thirty-five members attended the conference, 26 awards were brought home and 20 members qualified to go to state.
Winners were:  Impromtu Speaking: Curt Willener 1st,  Lisa Huffman 4th, and Lacey Erenkranz 5th.
Public Speaking: Aisha Poole 1st, Sam Lofland 3rd, and Kassi Sande 4th. Job Interview: Curt Willener 1st.
Information Processing Concepts: Chris Arnesen 1st.
Parliamentary Procedures Team: Michael Pierce, Lauren Worley, Dan Cleveland, and Kristen Dorschler 1st.
Parlimentary Procedures Individuals:
Micheal Pierce 2nd, Lauren Worley 4th, and Dan Cleveland 5th.
Computer Concepts:
Chris Arnesen 2nd, Tim Kallman 3rd.
Desktop Publishing Team:
Cami Nickelson and Sarah Braim 2nd.
Machine Transcription:
Ryan Brown 2nd.
Tim Kallman 2nd.
FBLA Creed:
Trina Mann 3rd and Desiree Dewey 5th
Electronic Calculator:
Joel Wagner 4th.
Business Communications:
Chrissy Horn 4th.

In addition to those events, there are a number of events that members will compete in at the State level. They include: Chapter Annual Business Report, Chapter Newsletter, Partnership with Business Project, Community Service Project, American Enterprise Project, Chapter Website, Chapter Scrapbook, and Business Plan.

The State Conference will be held April 8th, 9th, & 10th in Jantzen Beach.

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Copyright 1999 Cami Nickelson